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The plan of the founder Ádám Sóti was to move the flame from the world of markets and beaches to the city center and give him a worthy place in the gastronomic palette of street food in Budapest. The Retro Lángos Buffet opened in 2011 next to the Arany János utca metro station. The calculation has changed, and the stall has quickly become a favorite of young people partying, those working in the area and tourists visiting it. The small business was constantly evolving and became quite a cult part of the city. He lived for almost ten years in the barracks of the Arany János utca metro stop, “the lángosos”, so that he had to leave due to the metro renovation. It was then that we decided to set up the first flame bistro and food bar in the restaurant in the corner house on the opposite Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street. The secret of Retro Lángos is the team working with heart and soul, the know-how, the fresh and high-quality ingredients, the creative flame variants that we make fresh in front of your eyes. In addition to Ádám Sóti and Krisztián Gál, Dániel Varga forms the ownership circle: three ambitious young men with a dose of pride and even greater determination. Our mission is to represent and promote lángos as a traditional Hungarian street food dish.